We recently had a few weeks dealing with Sherlock Holmes, and in particular the story The Hound of the Baskervilles. This assignment was to make some kind of fan fiction of that story. I decided to go the literal route and actually wrote a fanfiction story. The material that I watched and used was from the BBC series Sherlock with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. Here is my story:

My owner and I had gone for our normal walk around the moor near Dartmoor. She has been trying to walk farther recently, worried about how the both of us are aging. The walks have also been helping to keep both of our minds off of the recent death of my owner’s mate. We had just started entering the rocks when I started to hear the rustling of a frightened creature a little ways away. The sounds were getting closer and I could now tell that it was a male human pup making those sounds. He was running, the sounds of his footsteps made it sound like at times he would look back and lose his pace, as though there was some kind of predator in the woods with him and he was the prey. I did not like the thought that a human pup was in danger so near to us. The birds above us were making such a ruckus that everything seemed more ominous. The pup was just on us and my owner started to talk to him gently, trying not to scare away the frightened pup. She was worried that he was lost and wanted to know what was going on. I could smell the fear and worry rolling off the pup. The smells bothered my nose and the fact that such a young pup was feeling those emotions and not with their dame or sire started up a small growl in my throat. I whimpered after, afraid I might have scared the pup and went up to him to try and comfort him. Before I could get anywhere close to him, the pup’s smell of fear increased and he started to scream. The scream startled both of us and our worry only increased when the pup fainted dead away.

(And yes, I do know that my dog is pretty wordy and British, but that’s fanfiction for ya!)