A Ghost Hunt Fanfiction Story



Hi! My name is Mai Taniyama. I’ve had a pretty interesting life, one that sometimes seemed to me as though it could fit as a case study for Murphy’s Law. By the time I started high school I’d lost both of my parents and was living on my own with the help of the government, my school, and the odd jobs I took on the side.

For a little while things were going great, with me having a well-compensated job and a new group of friends that were much more like a family than friends or coworkers. But then good old Murphy’s Law struck again and my job was no more, the branch I worked out shut down, taking away part of my new family.

My boss, Naru Shibuya and his other secretary, Lin went back to England. We hadn’t even known they were from there until a few days before they went back! Oh, and Shibuya’s name is even Kazuya Shibuya but Dr. Oliver Davis! We also lost John, because he was needed back in Australia and Masako, who had to get back to her TV show.

Bou-san and Ayako ended up together two years after SPR closed and got married three years after getting together. I got to be the maid of honor in their wedding! They were also kind enough to take me in as a pseudo daughter and made me move from my not very good apartment into first Ayako’s apartment and then their shared one after they got married.

Yasu hung around too, becoming my best friend and a huge help once college entrance exams came around. He was student president at his high school and had amazing grades, so it’s no surprise that he got into the top university in Japan, the University of Tokyo.

I worked hard, studying majorly and spending many sleepless and nearly sleepless nights memorizing and learning what I needed for the entrance exam, and was able to end up also going to the University of Tokyo, more commonly known as Todai.

Before I knew it university was over with and I had graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Social and International Relations. I also spent up my general elective credits on getting better with English and learning all I could about psychology.

Yasu graduated from Todai a year ahead of me, seeing as he entered college a year ahead of me. He honestly could’ve graduated earlier but I think he wanted to get as much as he could out of being a college student before joining the adult/working world. He’d decided to go into Law of all things, though it makes sense when you consider just how tricky and slippery he truly is!

We both ended up working at the same company and it’s been that way ever since! To get away from my feelings of loss in regards to the missing pieces of our family and my pain from Naru’s Shibuya’s rejection of my feelings for him, I threw myself into my work. Eventually I became as much of a workaholic as Shibuya (Hah! I put it wrote it right this time!) had been.

I get a lot of grief about that from everyone still around, and I also get grief about now having really dated in all this time. Now, if only my workaholic attitude wouldn’t come back to bite me in the butt later!

——————————————————-Mai (Present time)——————————————

Work has been crazy lately! We’ve been trying to get a hold of a big contract with a foreign company that has been keeping everyone at the office working late, especially those of us having direct contact. I’m one of the best people in the company when it comes to speaking English, with Yasu a close second so we’ve been overworked trying to make sure that everything has been translated and conveyed properly.

Today we were all told to go home a little early because everything that could be prepared had been and it looked promising. I’d lost track of time so much that I hadn’t realized until a coworker handed me a present that my birthday was in a few days. Yuki is taking some of her paid time off for the next few days so she wanted me to have my present already.

I thanked her and left, surprised that I hadn’t realized my birthday was in three days but also not. After years of not having anyone to celebrate it with, I don’t make a big deal out of it, even with people around that can and do celebrate it with me. While diving back to the apartment I share with Ayako and Houshou (apparently it’s weird to call you pseudo father by his title “Monk” rather than his name all the time), I wondered if my biopsy report had come in the mail yet.

I’ve been feeling very off recently and Ayako didn’t like what she was seeing, so she went and asked one of the other doctors at the hospital to check me out. Before I knew it I was opening the front door to the apartment. Going directly to my room I shout over my shoulder, asking if anything has come in the mail for me.

Having not gotten a response and hearing some suspicious sniffling, I head towards the living room. There I find Ayako and Houshou in tears. As I get closer to them my worry and fright increases, I’ve never seen them like this before. What happened?! Looking at Houshou, I realize that he’s curled around some kind of document.

“Ayako, Houshou? What’s happened?” Neither one answered me. Ayako just stared straight at me, tearing streaming down her cheeks. Houshou cringed and made a high keening sound, curling even more around the document.

Looking around wildly, absolutely bewildered I notice a torn up envelope addressed to me from the hospital. Whipping my had back around to Houshou I half shout “Is that my biopsy report?”

Again neither one answers me, but as I go to grab the document they grow animated. Ayako starts to sob while Houshou tried desperately to keep me from what must be my biopsy report.

I freeze as I read the words on the report I’d just grabbed from Houshou, Liver Cancer and 6 months to live jump out at me from the page. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and completely broke down.

Vaguely I heard words come through the fog about taking a break from work and going on vacation to Hawaii for my upcoming birthday. I couldn’t even imagine trying to work through the fog to get myself to do my job so I agreed half-heartedly.

They got me all packed up and the next day I was on a plane to Hawaii, unknowing of what my future might hold.



Everything that was once familiar and comfortable seemed much less so after my time in Japan. The only comfort I had was that Lin and Madoka seemed to be feeling that same loss. At times they’ll look over their shoulders and look for one of the people that we’d left behind in Japan.

Mother and Father have noticed this behavior and are continuously bewildered by it. At one point the three of us went back, hoping to reconnect the threads we’d broken some years ago with our deception surrounding my identity and what I was doing in Japan, along with out speedy departure.

However we were unable to find anyone other than Masako, who wasn’t hard to find due to her show’s schedule. We honestly would’ve searched the whole island but my parents didn’t want me to be in another country for so long again. It was understandable, after all my brother had died in Japan after running off on his own for a solo trip.

My understanding did not however lessen my upset at not having been able to find Mai and find out how she’s been since our departure. It’s been ten years now and I can’t help but hope that wherever she is, that she is happy and whole.

While my parents don’t like me being away, they like me moping and working all the time even less, so they’ve set up a vacation in Hawaii for me, one that I had to take if I wanted to set foot back in my office. Hopefully this vacation won’t be too mind-numbing.


The planes from England and Japan arrived in Honolulu at the same time and the wait to officially enter the country and get their bags wasn’t bad for either of them. They both stepped out into the shining noon light of Honolulu one after the other, but still truly unaware of the other.

Both went to catch a cab to their hotel but Mai wasn’t very aware of her surroundings. On the contrary, Naru (for he does actually now think of himself as Naru) was acutely aware of everything that was going on and noticed almost immediately the woman that reminded him of his imaginings of Mai nowadays.

He could tell that something wasn’t right with her and so started to walk towards when he noticed that she was about to step out into traffic. Terrified, having a flash of his brother’s death of being killed by a car running him over, he ran over and pulled her back just in time to keep her safe.

Remembering his brother’s death and that it almost happened to someone that so strongly reminded him of Mai drove him near mad and caused him to start shaking her, asking her if she wanted to die. As he looked at her he could tell that what had almost happened was only just now hitting her.

Her eyes were glazed over and her body started to shake from her sobs of how she didn’t want to die. Naru couldn’t really handle this, he’s a genius so his emotional quota is very low, so he got a cab for both of them and they went to the hospital.

After getting her checked over and making sure she was no longer in shock, the two of them went to get something to eat, with Mai saying she would pay since he’d saved her. They were able to find something right on the beach, attached to the hotel they both checked in to. After eating they went on the beach and found an oddly empty area to talk.

Naru was worried about her and wanted to know what had happened, he became even more worried and definitely terrified after finding out that this woman actually was Mai. She’d told him her name and that she was sorry for troubling him with everything.

As she got to what had happened earlier and why she was on this vacation she broke down sobbing. After a moment or two she started screaming at the sky about how she should’ve taken better care of herself and all but why did she have to have cancer. That it wasn’t right that she was twenty-eight, never found someone to love and have love her in return, and that she now only had six months to live.

Naru was behind her on the sand and sank to the ground at hearing her screams. I’ve only just gotten to see her again and now I have to find out that she’s only got six more months to live?! He was anguished and felt like screaming at the sky too.

All useful thought had left him at the revelation that he’d missed ten years of her life and as soon as he comes back to it, she has only half a year left to live. How could the world be so cruel?! Before he could really think about what he was saying he told her that he’d marry her.

After everything else that’d been happening to her, having a stranger propose to her wasn’t something expected or truly believed, especially when said stranger seemed so usually reserved and must have someone waiting at home for him.

All she could think was What? Is my life now somehow the plot for that Taiwanese Drama Yasu got me to watch? What was it called? Something like, Love Now?